Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gearing up for the Eugene Half!

Woot Woot!!

I'm feeling excited. A little nervous. But mentally, I know I can DO this.

I know if feels GOOD to DO THIS.

I can't wait for a real MEDAL.

I'm excited to share another race with Selene. 

Selene and I before the Girlfriends Half 10-17-2010

I am a lucky girl. I have so many dear friends. But two special ones that fall into the BFF category. The ones who've been there for ALL of it. Boyfriends.Weddings. Babies.  Tears. Birthdays. Life.
I'm so happy that I'm now getting to share running with BOTH of them.
Selene is the one who simply threw out the invite..."anyone want to train with me for the Girlfriends Half?" I had just started up running, and was up to two miles. I thought, "what do I have to lose? If I can't keep up, I'll just gracefully bow out and let her do it without me". Miraculously, I DID keep up (or at least she let me believe I did, and is still lying to me :) Many many long runs later, I love spending my saturday mornings running with Selene. 6,8,10 miles? I don't care. They fly by every week while we tell our tales of parenting and marriage, family craziness and life. I can't WAIT to run a second half marathon with her this weekend!

Nicole has been my gym buddy for the past few weeks. And between her 5 kids, and my 3, our time together has faded to hardly any in the past year. But, we BOTH wanted to work out at 5:30 am at the gym. So, there we go. It's perfect, we meet several times a week, and spend an hour together catching up as we run or cross train. AWESOME. She's training for the Lacamas Lake half, and I'm SO happy for her! I'm so enjoying our short little visits every morning before the sun rises!

Of course gearing up for any race, is the all important decision of what to wear, right? So, we've got our race shirts, and I've been tinkering with making myself some headbands, a la Sweaty know, simple, lined with Velvet ribbon to keep from slipping. I made a few awhile back and really, they are AWESOME at staying put.

So, I wanted a cute one to match my new shirt. With sparkles. BUT, annoying thing is, sparkles get EVERYWHERE. I made it, and it's very cute...but I have glitter in my hair, on my shirt, on my face...UGH. So, this is my second attempt to make an athletic no slip headband, with a little extra somethin'. I have to say, I LOVE it! Definitely going to wear it on Sunday in Eugene! Stays put, but has a little pop of fun to it! If you're interested in making one, let me know. I may post a tutorial. You'll need a sewing machine and glue gun, but easy peasy!

pardon my make up free face...mommy's looking a little haggard today!

I'm thinking of combining my blogs. I just can't keep up with a few different ones! We'll see. If you don't see me here, check