Friday, June 24, 2011

One Year Runniversary!

Wow...who knew??
Who knew I'd EVER start running.
Who knew I'd EVER STICK with running!

I'm so happy to say that June is my Runniversary month, and I've made it one WHOLE YEAR running.
It's something I'm feeling pretty good about. I have never ever stuck with a work out plan. EVER. I've run 4 races this year, 2 5k's and 2 half marathons...and one more half scheduled for July 24th, and my first full marathon in October.

This year has been so SO good for me in so many ways:
  • I've lost about 15 pounds and at least as many inches. 
  • I feel like I'm healthier and in better shape than I've ever been (at least since I was a 16 year old athlete). 
  • It has reduced my mommy stress level so much, I never knew running would be good for my brain and my waistline!
  • I've learned that I can do hard run 13.1 miles. And feel good about making it through. This life lesson has totally translated to other areas of my life.
  • That it feels DANG good to know I can do something I never thought I could or would.
  • I had/have 3 amazing running buddies and SO enjoyed the time spent together over miles ran. Sun, Rain, Frozen Tundra, DARK, Snow...loved sharing these moments with Selene, Heidi, and now Nicole! I'm so blessed.
  • I started this one year ago, having no idea if I even COULD hack it as a "runner". I had failed at it before. Not only did I learn I can, but I love it!
  • TWO half marathons. I know there's so many runners who've done so much more, but for me, this was HUGE. I started training with Selene last summer, fully expecting that I would try to do it with her, and probably not be able to do it. I had NO idea. Every year on our anniversary, Matt and I share High's and Low's of our year. My first half marathon was right up there near the top of getting married and having kids. Just a BIG stinking deal for me.
Thank you friends, who've encouraged me and cheered me on, and given me running tips and advice when I needed it. I'm SO THANKFUL for this year!