Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On a Roll.

One of my best friends told me this week that she ( a non runner) is going to sign up for the Lacamas Lake half marathon. I was GIDDY. I've been trying to convince her to start running (mostly because I want her company at 5:15am).

In my excitement, after she called and asked me for a few suggestions, I may or may not have made a total dork of myself emailing her my tips and lessons learned.

BUT...she did kick my butt in gear on joining the gym. She's been going 5 days a week, and I told her I'd finally activate my gym trial membership so I can join her this week. And, we are ON.A.ROLL. The treadmill is so much better when hanging with a best friend! Even if we run different paces, it doesn't matter! We're together, catching up on life, enjoying it together. Yesterday, and today, and plans for tomorrow. I'm loving it. I even....wait for it...CROSS trained today, which is my major slack area. I like my rest days, but I am ready to kick it up a notch. Today, we biked and lifted some weights. Tomorrow, we're back to the Mill. I'm LOVING seeing her daily, and working together towards our individual goals and keeping each other accountable!


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Julie D. said...

oh fun, do I know this friend?! Great job!!