Friday, January 7, 2011


I'm sat last night and mapped out my calendar for my marathon training plan. I'm actually thankful that my training falls in the summer months, and my hubby happens to be a teacher, so he'll be home for the summer months, which makes it alot easier to schedule those runs! It got me all excited. To see my weekly mileage schedule be right where I want to be...and peak at 36 Never thought I'd see the day I'd even WISH for that.

The long dark days in a not so safe neighborhood mean no early morning runs, or even evening runs for me alone. I'm hitting only 1-2 runs per week right now...which is NOT going to add up to 1000 miles in 2011. They hubby and I are in "negotiations" about the smoking deal at Costco right now, for a 2 year 24 hour fitness membership for just $299 (yes, that comes out to $12.49 per month! Can't beat that!). Being the amazing and wonderful husband he is, he is in support of me getting it. I think he's thinking I could do it when we get our tax return, and I'm thinking, I don't want to wait that long to get crackin'! That will likely be in late February, and I want to be plugging away at my Tall Mom 1,000 miles THIS month. :) He promised we'll discuss it tomorrow, so we shall see.

Life is feeling a little Ho-Hum right now. 3 out of 5 of us have been under the weather this past week. Since we brought our little Miss Lucy home from Ethiopia this summer, it has been a s-t-r-e-t-c-h of illness in this household. Nothing terrible, but constant nasal drip and nagging coughs. I am so SICK of sickness. It's really exhausting when there is constantly an under the weather irritable family member. I'm TIRED of the weekly trips to the dr office. Not excited about being THAT mom, who calls the dr's assistant all the time, so they know me by name. Trying to figure out my 2 littlest ones health issues is getting old...but they of course are more than worth it :)

On the other hand, it's forced us to stay home more. I'm not a super duper home body. I like to GO. Our level of out of the home commitments has dramatically changed this year, and I must admit, I'm kind of liking it. At times, I feel like I'm going to crawl out of a window and run away just to get some fresh air...and other times, I'm enjoying that I CAN snuggle up on the couch with my little ones because we just have no place we have to be.

So, I am feeling a little stuck in ho-hum land right now. No real change in sight. Wondering what God is trying to teach me and prepare me for in the new year. Wanting to be open to that. Trying to just settle into the blessings I have .


Denise Crawford said...

Hang in there - you are doing this all well! Gotta get those kiddos (and yourself!) healthy first and foremost, and "that mom" is definitely needed with the little Missy in your home. Challenges, for sure, but you are up to the job! And you WILL get those 1,000 miles in, I just know it! For now, snuggle up with my grandkids and tell them repeatedly how much their Grammy loves them, ok?

H Love said...

God's peace is a great place to be. You will get by day my friend.

Micki said...

Thanks for stopping by! Congrats on starting training for Portland. Good luck hitting 1000 miles :) It is a great feeling, and not as daunting as it sounds. Let me know if you ever want to get together for a run!

Meredith said...

Love you friend. Love YOU! No words of wisdom, but know I'll be praying for you.

Julie D. said...

so feel ya on the sick thing. Praying that you get answers and HEALTH for your whole family. As I read through your post again, I'm feeling a lot of the same things!! Good things around the bend! Love ya.