Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Checking In. (EDIT)

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Time to check in with all the 11-11-11 Losers. :) Is it offensive that I'm calling you losers? I'm trying to compliment you, and send you positive subliminal messages...You CAN and WILL lose weight.

Anyhow, I've been doing well for the past Day and a half. Lots of water, no sugar yesterday (BIG for me). Today, I did well, until 4:32pm. The hour before dinner. It seems to be my weak point of the day. Everyone is home, scrambling to get the last of my things done before we shift to dinner/bedtime mode. I'm hungry. I COULD have grabbed an apple. I COULD have grabbed some carrot sticks. I attempted about 3 to divert my chocolate cravings to a cup of Chocolatey Chai tea (only available in Canada, sadly, for this american girl). It worked for a bit. Then, I opened the cupboard. In a moment of poor judgement, I snagged a handful of mini marshmallows. It's a slippery slope...then, a few chocolate chips. UGH. I've been good about not buying "junk" all I have left is baking ingredients.

But, I hope to have reeled it at that point. It's been 10 minutes so far. Ha Ha! I'm pathetic.

But, I'm also determined to drop 11 pounds. I feel like it will help me in my running, to just feel, well, lighter. Funny how that works.

Dinner is looking good, though. Oven roasted chicken and carrots and potatoes. I keep telling myself, have a cup of tea. It feels you up, tastes sweetish. Keeps my fingers and lips busy from snacking on something I should avoid.

What is your strategy to avoid the munchies?
really, please share!

What is your weak point in the day where you find yourself mindlessly eating? 
Mine, is clearly, the hour before dinner. I need some of that Dessert Gum! No, really, I need to untrain the "need" for something sweet.

Keep at it, Ladies. The pot is growing! I think we're up to 13 gals now! Keep your eye on the prize...the real one. Being healthy and fit!

Don't forget to link up your blog, if you are blogging about your journey...if not, don't forget to enter your stuff on the spreadsheet!


Kim said...


I am loving this! So, I have to say I DONOT mind you calling all of us losers! I am honored! :)

To avoid munchies... First I try to remember what i am working towards. Also, part of my plan is to keep track of my calories and exercise through an app for my iPhone called loose it. I love it! I have used it before with great success! So, I track everything I eat right on my phone- so handy! As i go through the day it's super easy for me to 'budget' the rest of the day. And I tend to 'save' a few calories for the end of the day just so I can have that little treat after the kiddos go to bed!

Also, i don't really believe in depriving myself, unless there is a good medical reason. I want to right by my body my making my weight loss permanant. I am convinced (by many other's experiences and MD advice) whatever i choose to do for weight loss i need to be willing to 'stick to' for the rest of my life in one form or another to keep my weight off... I know, doesn't sound like this would keep munchies away, but it really does. Because I allow myself 'little treats' within reason- I don't feel I get as many cravings! Works for me... :)

I will be interested to see what everyone else says as well... :) Like you I get my cravings in the later afternoon... I also seem to get them after the kids go to bed at night... Blegh

H Love said...

I too have a hard time the hour before dinner, the hour before lunch and the hour before snack time! Stay strong..I think this is a great idea. I too have some pounds to lose (not quite 11 but enough to glean from your blog and journey!)

Can you tell me how you roast a chicken??? seriously...I am that bad in the kitchen!

Sena said...

I too have a hard time just before dinner, lunch, snack and even bed time! If I could just stay out of the kitchen I think I would do great, but as a mom, that really isn't a possibility, is it?
I am going to try sipping tea when I have to go in there. Hopefully that helps!
I am also going to get lunches and the kids' snacks ready (along with a healthy snack for me) and their vitamins ready when I fix breakfast in the morning. Maybe if I only have to go in there for a second, I won't have to linger in there and "graze" through the cupboard!
Also, I heard that if you have craving in the afternoon, try making yourself "EARN" a snack by drinking a large glass of water, that is supposed to make you not eat as much when you do snack. So I am going to try that today!
Good luck everybody :) And please keep posting if you have any more ideas!

Amanda said...

I'm doing really well so far. I'm having a lot of success getting in my workouts and staying on track with my eating. I had a moment at the store today when I finally found their gluten free section of goodies and nearly bought a bunch of bags of brownies and cookies. I put them back promptly and bought myself one lara bar for snack today.

At night after dinner I'm always looking for something sweet so I drink a big cup of mint and green tea with one stevia packet. It takes me a while to drink, warms me up, and solves that craving.

Jennifer said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one that at times have gottten into the marshmellow and chocolate chip bag. I know, getting into the baking stuff, come on!

Of course when I'm on a plan or challenge the temtations are stronger. I have to watch cause I'll take a swipe of peanut butter, while it's not unhealthy, I know, and my Husband keeps tellling me it's so high in calories for trying to lose weight. I too, get hungry and want something while I'm cooking. Sometimes I nibble so much I'm not hungry for dinner...not good at all.
Tonight we're having baked sweet potatoes rubed with coconut oil (makes the skin delicious to eat) BBQ chicken and broccoli. My husband and I, probably 5 out 7 nights make a big bowl of coconut oil poped popcorn and wash it down with a cold D.Coke. Been drinking lots of tea and eating apples with cottage cheese or yogurt. I like to put s little bit of nuts on top for texture, but again, gotta watch watch the nut consumption. I'm glad we are sharing, this is fun and I'm typing while dinner is in the oven instead of standing in the kitchen wanting to eat. Way to go ladies!

joye said...

A couple of weeks ago I listened to a teaching by Chip Ingram. He said that with the New Year not to make any resolutions except to resolve to spend time with the Lord and ask Him to work on what I need to work on. So I have been trying to make time in the morning and last week for the first time EVER I did not eat after work until supper and then did not eat after supper either. It was like the urge was gone. Then Friday...skipped my time with Him (and prayer) and had an awful time. Instead of working out while watching a movie I made 10 refrigerator biscuits and ate the whole thing. If you add the calories eaten plus the calories I did not work off...ouch. Then too it's hard to crawl back to the Lord when I mess up..know the cycle? So Saturday I finally sat down and spent time with Him. Monday I went back to Chip Ingram website and relistened to the 2 segments...(Good to great in God's eyes -thinking great thoughts part 1 & 2) while riding my bike..No ipod just bike up by the computer. Also the bible study I'm in is talking about focusing on God's Word and not the problems I'm facing. I know it, know it, know it...but I have to put it into practice. I have to say it's been working, but it's not me. I've been doing lot better this week again. Hope this helps someone else.

Wifey said...

Love your 11 for $11 idea!

I try not to keep snacks that are bad for me in the house, too. I've also been known to raid the baking supplies and consume some chocolate chips from time to time.

Winks & Smiles,