Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Maybe it's the new pants...

Maybe it's my fantastic new Nike running capri's. Maybe it's because I amped up my playlist to include some faster tempo songs. Whatever the reason, today's run was fantastic! I pushed myself harder than usual. My times:
Mile 1-9:56 (with a big ol' hill which I usually avoid at all costs... I actually shouted YES! when I looked at my watch at the one mile some weird looks from passing bikers. It was the first mile UNDER 10 min for me!)
Mile 2-9:31 HELLO my best time EVER!!
Mile 3-10:02
Mile 4-9:46
Mile 5- 10:11 (another smaller hill, but I was feeling the burn, big time!)
Felt great to see 3 of my miles under the 10 minute mark!

I am starting to feel motivated by lots of things, and finding running inspiration all around me. As I sit here, still sweating from my run, I'm going to reflect, so excuse me for a moment...Oh wait. First my times per mile

My inspiration...
  • finally seeing some improvement on my time per mile and endurance to keep a pace for longer time.
  • friends...seriously, I have amazing, encouraging, friends. Friends who are running 5Ks, Marathons, and 1/2 Marathons, Hood to Coast...the list goes on. They are beautiful strong inspiring women. Friends who are fighting back from injuries to hit the pavement again, despite their physical pain. Friends who are running miles and miles for those who can't. 
  • when I hear a good song, I think "That would help me run faster...what is this song?" (like," I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas, for example). I dug through my itunes and amped up the ol' tired playlist. For 5 miles, I needed a few more pumped up songs to get me through.
  • My kiddos. The other day, they were running around my folks front yard, yelling "We are running, like Mommy and Auntie Rachel!" Nearly brought a tear to my eye. A few short months ago, they could've said the same thing about sitting on the couch or in front of the computer. One of my BIG motivators is them, I want us to be an active, healthy family. I want to be around a long time to enjoy it together. Blood Pressure runs high in my family...and I want to keep that at bay.
  • Run Like a Mother, blog, book, and other running blogs. It's feeding me a nice Mommy Girl Power Vibe, that really is inspiring me and helping me believe that my body CAN reach my goal. 
  • Figuring out how to time my splits, I love seeing how I'm doing each mile. 
  • Togetherness. I am a big fan of community. Relationships. I really love the new bond with some old friends (and new) brought about by running.  It's so inspiring to see friends reach hard goals.
  • Aloneness. Not gonna lie, here. After the day I had with my kiddos yesterday, I wanted a one way ticket to anywhere. Running really lets me "burn the stink off" as my grandma used to say.  It's much better for all of us, if my "stink" is left on the pavement, and not in my living room, if you know what I'm saying. It's really amazing to me, how much stress and tension is relieved after a run. 
  • A little retail therapy. ( I LOVE me some retail therapy, but it's usually spent at the clearance racks of Target, Kohl's or the Goodwill. I'm cheap.) I splurged this week on a new pair of running capri's at the Nike Employee store (friend hookup) and a hydration/fuel belt. After reaching the 8 mile mark, I felt like I had shown myself that I was committed and capable, and worth spending a few bucks on. 
OK, I'm off to celebrate my boys 6th birthday at The Bird (Red Robin). Good thing I got in those 5 miles! 


Meredith said...

SO SO SO proud of you!!!!!!

Julie said...

Well, if that is the case. I have a whole lot of STINK lately to burn off. Eryn, all of this is so awesome. Love your 'header' by the way!!

Julie said...
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Julie said...

PS i have a jacket that I think might fit you. it is brand new. If you like it, it is yours.

abbi said...

Congrats on the great run! Looking forward to reading your blog!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! There are actually quite a few PNW bloggers; Tall Mom on the Run, Running to Sanity, Mom vs. Marathon. Just to give you a few that are on my blog roll!

Good luck with your half! Your times look great!! I look forward to following along as you train!