Friday, September 17, 2010


Long run today with Selene...
Week 8 of training...
It was a hard week for me, running wise.

My sucktastic run on Tuesday, followed by no more runs before today (just two strength/cardio sessions)= a tough run today. I'm not sure it it's because I didn't get much "mileage" in this week , or if it's just a hard week. I think I am going to start my period tomorrow...maybe that plays into my tiredness. (it certainly explains why I've cried so much this week!) Selene is much more disciplined than me, but it felt hard to her too, hopefully I wasn't just dragging her down!

I love having her to run makes the time go so much faster, and we get to catch up on life. She's a more experienced runner, so she gives me little tips as we go (like focusing on keeping my arms moving when going up a hill instead of keeping my heavy feet going) and telling me when to hit my split button as we hit the mile markers, and reminding me when to take my shot blox. She is the best. Today, mile 7 & 8 were hardest for me...but Selene does great her last two miles, so, after she reminded me to take my blox, the last two miles seemed better and she was going strong to the finish, it kept me going too.

I added strength training to my off days this week, with a Turbo Jam dvd. It actually really helped loosen up my stiffness, and I felt great knowing I was doing something to help improve my running and start toning more than my legs. My whole life,  I have lean legs and a flat bum (as in no shape). So of course running toned up my legs quickly, but my midsection and arms are the areas I'd really like to see some improvement. And, they have lost a little bit of inches, but I have a long way to go before I hit "toned". :)

I'm looking forward to resting tomorrow, maybe a little yoga, and my first timed race Sunday (Race for the Cure 5K!)

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Meredith said...

Proud of you!! And funny thing, I've only ever had 1 good 10 miler. For some reason, that one is always hard for me. So, way to push through!!