Tuesday, September 14, 2010


That was today's run.

I had a full day yesterday, with a photo shoot in the evening. My hubby got home just in time to do the kidlet hand off. There was no daylight left when I got home, so no run for me.

So, I planned to do a good run to day, and a short run tomorrow, rest thursday, and long run friday (10 miles). For some reason, my legs just didn't seem to have the get -up- and- go they did last week.

After our 9 miler on Saturday I felt good. The run felt just right, it didn't seem overly difficult, it was nice and smooth, we kept a good pace the whole time, and even at the end I didn't feel totally wasted and ready to stop. I could've kept going, I think. I stretched, I hydrated, I drank chocolate milk (love that tip! good excuse to drink the good ol lowfat choc milk). I even felt fine the rest of the day Saturday. Sunday I was a little sore, more than I have been on any run for a long time. Monday, still sore, so I was ok with not getting to run that day. I felt my legs could use another rest day.

But today, while the soreness has faded, my legs felt like concrete. I felt great my first mile...I decided to run a different way to my usual route. Turns out, school had just released and there were teenagers all over the sidewalks and road where I needed to be. SO, I ran fast, unintentionally, but I was just trying to get by the crowded neighborhood. At one point I checked my pace and it was 8:40...which I knew I couldn't keep up with. So, I slowed it down and my pace for that first mile was 9:20. I was excited to see that, but knew I'd probably pay the price in mile 3/4, especially since I was feeling concretish anyhow. Mile 2 was when I started feeling super slow. Heavy. I actually walked for a minute or two...which felt horrible to me. I haven't done that in months! I felt lousy. I wanted to go the short route home, giving me a mere 3 miles today. At my midway point (where there happened to be a potty stop) I really had to go. #2...which was just weird. Who wants to stop for that on such a short run? Lame. Got going, and decided even if I had to slow down and even walk a bit, I would finish my planned 4miles. I chose a route I knew I had to finish the whole mile, because there is no way out of the trail til the end. I was glad I did, the trail dipped down into a wooded area, where it was much cooler and fresh....quiet and beautiful. Once I got past 3, I was feeling better and finished feeling alright.  20 more seconds of walking after a hill...I just felt like CRAP. The last mile, I kept trying to focus on being tough, in my head. I'd been beating myself up for mile 2/3. Feeling like a failure. But, I told myself to buck up  and finish slow if I had to, but FINISH. So, I did at least do my 4, so at least  there's that. I haven't had such a lousy feeling run in quite a while. What the heck? was it because I pushed myself towards a little bit faster pace last week, followed by a 9 miler? Was it just too much for my legs? I don't know. I'm a little worried about 10 miles...just because I just don't have time to get the mileage this week I'd hoped for. But, I am adding more cross/strength training this week, so hopefully that will help. I felt so wiped today, that I cracked open my VitaCoco coconut water I picked up for my friday long run. I've never tried it, but really, about 5 minutes after drinking a 1/2 cup, I felt a lot better! I drank another 1/2 cup and felt even more refreshed. I'm sold. I think it really helped replenish me...but now I need another for Friday!


Meredith said...

Something that I struggle with is that there are good days and there are bad days. Sometimes there are reasons. Sometimes there are not.
During a particularly hard run one time, I decided that instead of complaining about how hard it was, I was going to just be glad I was out there. After all, I could have not done it at all and that would have been worse. So, good for you for finishing all 4. A good memory to put in the bank. You pushed through! Focus on that, not the sucktastic part! Love you and you are doing amazing!

Julie said...

i agree with meredith. Sometimes, its just hard. Just because. you did have a BIG week the week before which could definitely make you feel like could also have something to do with what you ate, drank, etc. All I know is, I KNOW the concrete feeling adn I HATE it!!! you are developing that tough 'runner's mind' by pushing through a suck-tastic run...which makes it fantastic!! Really, that is almost a bigger step pushing through a short run that you just aren't 'feeling' then finishing 9 that seem good and 'easy'. Seriously, wait until you drink a really cold coconut water after a LONG HARD run. It is amazing how I perk up after a few minutes of drinking it. glad you liked it. I order a box on amazon that makes it slightly cheaper. I do try and ration them though because it is expensive.

Erika said...

Good days and bad days happen to us all! I love vitacoco after a long run, and I sometimes sip a little before I leave for my run as well:)