Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Commit Friday

My dear friend, Meredith, has been hosting I Commit Friday for the past few weeks.

I jumped in, needing the accountability.

Last week, I committed  to follow my training plan.
I committed to drinking 3 water bottles per day.
I committed to working on my core.

I did pretty good...I got all of my workouts in but yesterday's 3 miler. I drank about 2 water bottles per day (an improvement). I did more core work than the week prior, but still not great.

What are YOU committing too this week?

My goal for this next week is to follow the training plan:
M-strengthen and stretch
T-4.5 miles
W-35 min tempo run
TH-3 miles+ strength
S-3 miles
Sun-8 miles

Do my core excercises and again, shoot for the 3 water bottles per day.


Lisa said...

Great commitments and sounds like you did a great job following through! I think as long as there's improvement, it doesn't matter if you hit everything 100%! You're making an effort!

I'm committing to eating well and mindfully!

Thanks for entering the giveaway and yes, I'll count the FB post! Good luck!

Erika said...

Good job on the changes!
I'm trying to drink NO MORE than 1 soda a day and drinking a lot more water...and to get my workout in everyday with no excuses!! Good luck!

Wifey said...

Loving the commitments! I need some accountability right about now. Ahem.

Winks & Smiles,

EricaH said...

ooh this is such a good idea. Good luck with your training plan this week.