Monday, November 22, 2010

I got the I wants. bad.

So, the weather around here has turned a bit "wintery". As you saw in my last post, it was a crisp 26 on my last run. Wowza.

I own one pair of tights, and they're alright. They keep me warm. It would super nice to have a second pair, so I don't have to wait up at night for my laundry, like I'm doing right now. Heidi and I are planning to enjoy our first snow as "runners" tomorrow morning, and my pants are in the wash.  My tights are of the Champion Target variety, but they are pretty warm...they said "stay warm" on the tag when I bought them last year (and I wore them, um, twice....yah, didn't really run much). They have a drawstring waist, which rubs on my belly.

I reeeeaaaaly want a pair of Nike Tights. The Nike Tech Capri's are my FAVORITE thing to run in. They stay where they are supposed to, no chaffing, great comfy fit. BUT, they are not so warm on snowy, high of 26 kind of days.

I also am still on the hunt for a perfect jacket. I found a North Face Geosphere, which is really light weight and seems to be pretty water resistant, but it has a lining, which just feels like it sticks to my arms. And, it's not very visible. I bought it cheap, and I'm glad I got it for other uses, but I'm not convinced it's the right running jacket.

I saw this Nike Ripstop Running Jacket at the Nike Employee store awhile ago, but they only had mens' ones when I went and I talked myself out of getting a men's cut. I really liked it, and just saw the women's version on a friend the other day, and it looks SO great! It might be "the one". It has some great reviews on the Nike site by gals in the Pacific NW who in the rain, so I'm digging that. I have a friend who has a jacket that doesn't work for her, but may work for me, so I'm holding out.

I am also coming up on needing some new shoes. I randomly got my current shoes on an amazing clearance and bought them solely based on their cheapness. I think I paid $16.97 at Fred Meyers. Nike Air Citius. I really love them. BUT of course, since they were clearanced, they are no longer made. I'm nervous to change shoes, when these have worked so well for me. I want to stay injury free :) But, I've been reading Born to Run, and am totally intrigued by the concept of letting your body be strong enough to tell you how to run injury free. I'm totally interested in Nike Free's or Saucony Kinvaras.'s a leap. Am I strong enough for this kind of shoe? I'm not sure I am. I tried some Nike free's on, again, at Fred Meyer's, which is NOT the best place for shoe shopping, least of all great running shoes. But, I was kidless, and I could by milk too. They felt GREAT on.

Oh. If only I could go on a shopping spree at my local Nike store. A girl can wish. :) For now, I'll wash my cheapie tights and hope the passersby can see me :)


abbi said...

It's fun to wish and then take a splurge every once in awhile!

Wifey said...

You have great taste! Hope you get some of your "wants!"

Winks & Smiles,

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I want some cheap compression tights, but I don't think they make them. I like Fred Meyer too, but you're right about it not being the best store for running clothes!

TabI said...

Let me know if you need another pass to the Nike employee store - I may just have an extra so you could stock up on all your wish-list items. :) And they can definitely help you pick out a serious pair of running shoes - it's amazing what a difference the right shoe makes!