Saturday, November 20, 2010

Scatterday Saturday

My brain is scattered today. It's a rainy stay at home Saturday. Laundry up to my eyeballs now it's my kneecaps. I'm making headway.

I went for my 3 miler today and took my 6 year old on his bike. I wondered if he'd be able to keep my pace for 3, yes. He was great for my pace! Although I don't feel like it showed up on my garmin! I was running at a 9:30 pace alot of the time (GREAT time for me), but he was all over the road! On my heels, getting too far ahead, I was afraid he would hit the soccer spectators...blah blah blah. He chatted at me the whole 3 miles, and he packed a "lunch" that he insisted we stop halfway so he could eat. (It was raisins, string cheese and water). So, my average pace was slower on the clock, but I really enjoyed him coming with me, and he was SO proud of himself.

When we got home, my almost 4 year old, was totally bummed that he "didn't get to do something fun with me". So we decided to do a practice fun for the upcoming Candy Cane Run kids 1K. So we ran .6 miles together :) I love that they want to share this with me and "be like mommy" this way. Then we had a little mini race in our driveway so Daddy could watch.

In other randomness, I saw this video today on another blogger's page. It totally fit me this week, looking for excuses to stay in my bed on Thursday. I totally have these thoughts almost every time I get ready to run, and while I'm running. A cool short video.

Mind Games - directed by Casey Neistat from Nike Sportswear on Vimeo.

I should help my hubby get my kiddos ready for bed...I can hear them screaming. What a guy!


Audrey said...

SO cute! Love that you did that with your boys!

Caroline said...

I did that a couple weeks ago for my boys as well!! fun times!
and I posted that same clip on my blog earlier today!!! Great minds think alike that is what they say right?