Sunday, November 7, 2010

keep on keepin on.

I need to.

I'm finding that since the half marathon, and without a deadline looming, my consistency in getting in regular runs is getting lazy. I've only gotten in about 2 runs per week in the last two weeks.

The family fall schedule is feeling a bit out of control, and with the daylight hours's getting trickier to get in my afternoon runs. I have a feeling I'm going to have to resort to early morning runs in order to keep in consistent. While I'm not real crazy about that idea, I DO want to keep at it. I have been feeling a little crazy and cranky. I realized this week, maybe it's because I've accidentally cut back on my running by half as many days per week. I NEED to run more. I've gotten the look from my family of "mommy's about to FREAK out" a few too many times this week.
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The truth is, running has changed me. And, ironically, physical change is at the bottom of the list of the benefits for me (but, most definitely a benefit!). When I started out running (for sanity) back in June, I just wanted to We had recently returned home from Ethiopia with our newest addition. We were staying home, giving our family time to adjust. Our social worker called it "cocooning". And, there were just some days, this butterfly needed to GET OUT of the cocoon. Running, gave me a chance to get out of the house, get some fresh air in my lungs, and enjoy some peace and quiet away from my 3 precious angel babies.

When one of my best friends and now my running buddy, Selene, threw out the invite to train with her for Girlfriends, I was intrigued. I had no idea the ways it would change me. Last weekend, we traveled to my brother in law and sister in law's home in Renton, to spend our traditional halloween weekend together. Rachel and got 3 WONDERFUL hours alone, and while we were out, we were chatting about how great it feel to see your body change. Not just for the physical benefits, but how it changes how we see ourselves. I had pretty much accepted the fact that my body was what it was. And, it was not great. I just thought my body type is what it is. But running, has changed that. It's not only changed my body, but it's given me the ability to push myself towards a goal. It's given me the ability to believe in myself and that I'm capable of accomplishing something big and hard. It's given me confidence that I didn't even know was missing, until my husband pointed out to me that I am "just different". That he can see that I feel good about me, in a way that I never have since we've been together, and he thinks it's hot :) I had believed my athletic days were long gone and didn't think I'd ever be again, but NOW I feel more athletic than I did even back in my best "athletic" days.

I don't want to loose that. I don't want to loose the pride my kids have in me and my running. I also don't want to loose the sanity I've gained. I don't want to loose the confidence I've gained, and the belief in myself. I don't want to find the inches I have lost or the pounds I've shed.

This week, I'm committing to getting out there more, drinking more water, and making good choices. No more trick or treats. It's time to get back to it, get after it like I did during my training. To enjoy the accomplishments of completing "the plan".

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Erika said...

I feel you! I have had trouble getting out and running and I feel like I'm going a little stir crazy!! Good luck getting your runs in!