Friday, November 19, 2010

I Commit Friday

Oh my. Has it been a week already? It has. I haven't posted at all!  And I'm not real excited about my how my week went, at least in my running and meeting my goals. Otherwise, it was a great week.

So...My goals last week, here's how I did.

M-strengthen and stretch- Check.

T-4.5 miles- Met Heidi, we did 3.5 with some walking due a bum knee (Heidi's not mine)
W-35 min tempo run-check! My first tempo, and it was fun! I liked it.
TH-3 miles+ strength- Boo. It was really rainy, and I totally wimped out.
F-rest-um, check.
S-3 miles- planning on it. On my own. It's been awhile since I ran alone.
Sun-8 miles-have a plan to meet my two running buddies in the ffffrrrreeezing cold (possible snow showers!) at 7am for our 8 miler.

Do my core excercises and again, shoot for the 3 water bottles per day.- Um, totally failed on these two. Dang.

The great news is I AM A WINNER! I've been entering giveaways like crazy, and today, I won over at Keep on Keeping on. I won a $50 giftcertificate to Inspired Endurance! I'm having a hard time picking out what I want to order, but I'm thinking about something related to 13.1 :)

Ok, so THIS weeks I Commits.

It's Thanksgiving week, which is going to be a killer week, and I'll NEED to be burning some extra calories :) So, I really want to meet Heidi tuesday and wednesday. I think she'll be gone thursday, and I'm hosting thanksgiving, so I'm pretty sure I won't be getting away that day. Friday is BLACK FRIDAY, so I'll be getting up earlier than usual to go with my pal Nicole to hit up Target. We have decided to skip Old Navy, where we almost got in a fist fight in line with a drunk lady last year :)

So, I commit to three runs (T,W, and Saturday) and of course the big race on Sunday with my sister in law, Rachel on Sunday! The Hot Buttered Run 5K...It should be really fun. Rachel helped me with some of my training runs for the half marathon and it will be so fun to run together. Our kiddos are running a 1K, too, so that will be fun. And my running buddies are running the 12K! Can't wait to cheer them on :)

I am going to keep it simple and only add the water to my goals for this week. I"m keeping it real, pretty sure there won't be any core work happening this week. :)

What are your goals for the week?

I made a couple of headbands today. I've been seeing athletic stay-put headbands all over running blogs lately, and I thought I'd try my hand at making a few. They turned out good pretty good and they stay put GREAT! I think I'm going to make some glittery Christmas ones for the race Sunday.  I even took pics in my bathroom mirror for you, but I can't get them to load on hubby's laptop.

Ok, this has turned into a rambling, rather boring post. Thanks for reading it! Eryn


Audrey said...

good job with the running! i have not met all of my goals this week we have been remodeling our downstairs and painting the new dining room has taken precedence over getting out for my runs. looking forward to tomorrow morning though!

i hope you have fun with at the hot buttered run. i really wanted to do, but it's not going to work out. i will be doing the jingle bell run, though.

thanks for the encouragement eryn, and keep up the great work! (and i want to see your headbands, too. i bet they're cute!)

Julie D. said...

Not boring!!! you have to chase my kids around the 'shoug on tues...that should count for something!! so wish I could run Hot buttered run! can't wait to see your headbands!!